FabHappy in the Garden

FabHappy in the Garden

One of the cute things Gloria has been making in the pottery studio is a range of lovely decorative garden ceramics. Our patio certainly has a hint of FabHappy in the garden, as you’ll see in the photos below.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these items or similar ones, the best thing to do is to email us and we can organise it. The pieces in the photos below are available right now and Gloria is in the process of making more. To email us, just use the Contact Link.


Gloria has made some mushrooms like you can see in this photo (click on the photo to see it full size). Each mushroom is unique, and is either fixed (1 piece) or articulated, (2 pieces so they move with the breeze). The 2-piece options have a ceramic stalk and a ceramic mushroom top. You can insert the stalk in the ground and then place the mushroom on it. Very cute.

These mushrooms are priced between £5 and £10 each.

FabHappy in the garden

See a couple more mushrooms around this Agapanthus, and the hint of a ceramic leaf (more on those below).

FabHappy in the garden

And another ceramic mushroom decorating the edge of the pot containing this hydrangea.


If you’ve been following Gloria, you’ll know she’s made quite a number of leaf shaped bowls and platters, and they’ve been very popular (you can see the ones she has available now by looking at her studio pottery page). Some of these leaves could easily be used to decorate the garden, but Gloria has also been making some smaller versions suitable for putting in tighter spaces.

Again, each piece Gloria makes is unique. They’ll look lovely among your flowers, and can even be attached to a trellis.

These leaves are priced between £6 and £20.


Gloria has been making ceramic lizards for some time, but mostly selling them at local markets. They are very popular – this is the only remaining example at the moment, but more are being made 🙂. Also note the two mushrooms and leaf also displayed in this photo.

These decorative lizards are priced between £12 and £35.

FabHappy in the garden

So, if you’d like a little bit of Gloria’s FabHappy in the garden, get in touch with us (send us an email). You can also look at all of Gloria’s Studio Pottery by following this link.

PS. Our friend, Simon, wrote an interesting article in May called “Garden Birds

PPS. A while back Gloria made a ceramic Mushroom Garden which sold quite quickly at a local market.

mushroom garden
Gloria “Mushroom Garden” that sold quite quickly a few weeks ago.

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