Mushroom Garden [SOLD]


Aa fun, decorative creation of mine that involves three ceramic mushrooms and a ceramic stand – unique and…

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This “Mushroom Garden” is a fun, decorative creation of mine that involves four pieces. There are three ceramic mushrooms and a ceramic stand to keep them in. They can be easily removed for cleaning. I hand-made all of these pieces from white clay, hand-decorated them with coloured slips and finally fired them with a clear, glossy glaze. “Mushroom Garden” would be a great addition to a sideboard, mantle piece,  window sill or on a kitchen surface but, of course, keep it safe from little inquisitive hands.

lace makerI was inspired to make this Mushroom Garden by the beauty I see around Europe. I also have a textile piece, called “Lace Maker”, that I made from the same source of inspiration. It is inspired by a beautiful lacey mushroom which appeared, as if by magic, overnight in my garden when I was living in France. Although the actual textile piece has been sold, I do have a greeting card that has an image of “Lace Maker” on it. You can see this greeting card by following this link or clicking the image to the right here.


It was the love of the beautiful shapes that mushrooms can make that prompted me to start hand-building mushroom shapes from clay. This worked quite well and I really enjoyed the process of adding colour to them and bringing them to life. Once I had the mushrooms, it was clear that I needed some way to present them and display them and that’s when I decided to build the small “garden” or “field” that the mushrooms could stand in. I’m very happy with the way this turned out. The result is quite cute.

mushroom garden

“Mushroom Garden” is, as you can see, an unusual shape. When it is assembled as the garden itself, it has the dimensions of approximately 9 cm by 9 cm.

This is a unique piece – only one is available. SOLD – Sorry, this piece has been sold.