Blue Orange Bird Jug [SOLD]


Decorative, unique, hand-built jug using white clay, sprigs, coloured slips and a clear glossy glaze.

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I hand-built this “Blue Orange Bird Jug” at the same time as a similar jug that was mostly pale blue. The pale blue one was snapped up immediately and I currently only have this one for sale (however, two slightly smaller jugs are coming out of the kiln very soon).

This jug was hand-built using white clay and I used clay sprigs to create the vines, leaves and birds. Colours were added using coloured slips and the final piece was fired with a clear glossy glaze. You can use this as a fully functional jug and it can even be put through the dishwasher without any problem.

Sprigs are pieces of additional clay that are cut out, shaped and applied to the surface of the original form. They create a 3D relief and make the pieces more dynamic and interesting, but they are quite a bit of work.

There are 10 photos that you can scroll through above, or watch in a slideshow below. If you click on the images above, you’ll get to see them in the full size. These photos were taken on the two porches (front and back) of our pottery studio.

The dimensions of this Blue Orange Bird Jug are 28 cm maximum height, 19 cm maximum width when taking into account the tip of the spout to the farthest point of the handle, and 13 cm wide perpendicular to this.

You could use this for just about anything, but it would be extra special for serving sangria or Pimm’s. It could even be simply left on the sideboard to cheer up a room.

I found a page about orange birds on the internet – Amazing Birds With Orange Plumage – and some of them are absolutely stunning.

Don’t forget that we have a simple, no questions asked, return policy. If you have any questions about this piece, please send me an email using the Contact link.

SOLD – Sorry, this item has been sold.

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