Overhead in Brussels - Scarf


An original, limited edition Silk Tencel Satin scarf — Full details below

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overhead in brussels
This is the image printed on the scarf (without the fabhappy.com mark)

“Overhead in Brussels” – a beautiful scarf whose timeless simplicity and remarkable monochrome elegance will enrich casual outfits.

Surviving European 19th century shopping galleries and railway stations are like glass houses.
The patterns can be intriguing.
Their lighting changes continuously.
Millions pass underneath, rarely looking up, unaware of the weight of the glass nor the clouds.

Limited Edition

This scarf is strictly printed as a limited edition. I will only ever print a maximum of 39 of these scarves and we’ll include a numbered certificate with each purchase verifying the limited edition and the number assigned to your scarf.

Scarf Size – 180cm long by 40 cm wide

Scarf Material – Silk Tencel Satin (32% Silk, 68% Tencel)

Finish – Machine Pin Hem

  • Canon EOS-1D X – 1/640 sec at f / 10 – ISO 400
  • 50 mm – 50mm

Tencel is a biodegradable material derived from wood pulp, and is reportedly 50% more absorbent than cotton, making it more breathable and resistant to odours. On top of this, It takes less water and energy to manufacture than cotton, and requires less dye. You can read more about it by following this link.