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Enjoying Simon’s Scarves

Enjoying Simon’s Scarves

I’m not a confirmed scarf wearer and normally only wear one (given to me by someone) when I have too, when it’s really cold. However,¬†Simon’s scarves seem so nice that I just had to gift one to myself at Christmas time, and now I’m hooked on scarves. Simon’s scarves are not only beautiful, adorned with Simon’s amazing photos, but they are made from beautiful and have such a love touch (or is this described as a “hand”).

enjoying simon's scarvesI now enjoy wearing scarves most times and keeping my neck warm. Here’s a photo of me at the office wearing one of Simon’s “Black Bamboo” scarves. I’m really taken by a couple other of Simon’s scarves and just deciding which one to buy next.

Gloria really likes Simon’s scarves as well and gifted herself one of his “Riverside Walk” versions at Christmas time as well. Gloria is a very confirmed scarf wearer (I don’t even think we could count how many scarves she has) and she’s quite taken by the quality of the scarves Simon produces.¬†

I hope Simon keeps taking insightful photos and produces them in interesting ways, and keeps making beautiful, luxurious scarves. Thanks Simon – keep it up!