Customer Feedback

This is the customer feedback we’ve received related to all our artists. If you’d like to send us some feedback, please use the “Contact” link. Thanks!

Handmade Face Masks

“what very prompt service… that’s excellent customer service!  I love my new masks.  Off to a pub lunchie… will be wearing one of my masks for sure

— Kent, UK – Aug 2020

Geometric Fish Design Bowl

“Items arrived safely and are now in display… it now has pride of place on my counter top! love it!

— Devon, UK – Aug 2020

Ceramic Plate – “Sheep Farm”

“The dish has arrived it’s beautiful thank you so much  “

— Hampshire, UK – May 2020

Poppy Motif Christmas Bauble

“Thanks a lot, I received it today, it looks great, very happy.

— Greater Manchester, UK – March 2020

Simon’s Scarf – “Riverside Walk”

“…I love it. Thank you very much. My son recognised the image. I have been away in Cornwall so got it at the weekend.

— Gloucestershire, UK – March 2020

Christmas Bells

“…I was just looking at Gloria’s Christmas bells again – they’re gorgeous.

— Ireland – February 2020

After receiving some of Gloria’s Christmas bells.

“…I was just looking at Gloria’s Christmas bells again – they’re gorgeous.”

— Ireland, February 2020

After receiving four hand-made ceramic mugs in the style of Blue Seaside.

“The mugs arrived this morning – very nicely packed. They’re beautiful. Thanks again, and also for the heating information”

— France – January 2020

After receiving one of Simon’s Scarves – Overhead in Brussels

“Yes it did and it’s really nice.  If you speak with him, say thanks 🙏🏼 “

— USA – January 2020

After receiving a plate and a bowl of Gloria – Autumn Leaves & Pink Blue Flower

“Yes all received thanks.”

— Surrey, UK – January 2020

After receiving a plate and a bowl from Gloria – Blue Green Flower & Blue Spiral Rope Design (actually the bowl was one similar to this)

“Just to let you know the bowl is perfect.”

— Surrey, UK – December 2019

After receiving one of Gloria’s Christmas baubles – Clear Dragonfly Baubles

“It arrived today and it’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”

— Essex, UK – November 2019

After receiving a mini-vase from Gloria – Kimono Girl Mini Vase

“Your mini you has now been deployed in my bathroom- love my little pot.”

— Surrey, UK – October 2019

After receiving Gloria’s Christmas Snowflake Tealight & Serviette Ring Set

“All good thank you Peter!

— London, UK – September 2019

After receiving Gloria’s Decorative Blue Glass Bowl – this was large and quite hard to pack…

“It’s arrive in one piece thanks Peter. I’ve not unrolled the 3 small packets as it’s a present and it has to be transported again! Thanks.”

— London, UK – September 2019

After receiving some of Gloria’s Christmas baubles – Poppy Motif Christmas Baubles

“Thank you Peter and Gloria. Baubles arrived all safe and sound. They are beautiful. Thank you.”

— Leicestershire, UK – July 2019

After receiving a vase from Gloria and a bowl and a plate from Peter – Peacock Feather Vase, Three Tone Blue Bowl and Three Tone Blue Plate

“Peter and Gloria it is all wonderful and thank you so much for all the trouble you have gone to.”

— Australia – July 2019