Pastel Abstract Vase


Fully functional vase hand-made from terracotta clay and coloured slips.

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This Pastel Abstract Vase is the result of some experimentation I did with some new colours that we prepared as coloured slips. I threw some terracotta clay on the wheel (in our pottery studio) into a vase shape. Once it dried enough to be leather-hard, I gave it a base colour of white slip, then did some sgraffito through that slip (to allow the darkness of the terracotta clay to come through) and applied some of the new coloured slips we had in an abstract way. Before the pot is fired, it’s always a guess as to how the final piece will look. I tried to imagine how these new colours would interact with each other and I quite like the result. It’s a bit unusual, but the overall result is pleasing.

The resulting Pastel Abstract Vase is a strong, fully-functional vase and can even be washed in the dishwasher if needed.

The dimensions of this vase are about 16 cm high and about 11 cm wide at its widest point. This is a unique item – there is only one for sale.

We have a very simple return policy – if the item does not suit you for any reason and you can return it to us within about 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

I hope you like this Pastel Abstract Vase. I enjoyed making it and feel like getting back on the wheel to play around more with clay and coloured slips again.

pastel abstract vase
pastel abstract vase
pastel abstract vase
pastel abstract vase