Gloria’s Studio Pottery

turtle plaque

Turtle Plaque

mushroom garden

Mushroom Garden

woodland badger pot stand

Woodland Badger Pot Stand

hillside sheep

Hillside Sheep Dish

christmas bells

Christmas Bells

yummy berries

Yummy Berries

autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves [SOLD]

three birds plate

Three Birds [SOLD]

toucan tray

Toucan Tray [SOLD]

puffin plate

Puffin Plate

making waves

Making Waves

puffin dish

Puffin Dish [SOLD]

turtle tray

Turtle Tray [SOLD]

three whitings plate

Three Whitings Plate

kimono girl mini vase

Kimono Girl Mini Vase [SOLD]

ski shot glass tray

Ski Shot Glass Tray

Sculpted Geometric Fish Design Bowl

Blue White Geometric Bowl

turquoise leaf tray

Turquoise Leaf Tray and Snack Dishes [SOLD]

watermelon tray and coasters

Watermelon Tray and Coasters [SOLD]

funky chicken wall hanging

Funky Chicken Wall Hanging

peacock feather vase

Peacock Feather Vase [SOLD]

Mermaid Plate

peacock curved platter

Peacock Curved Platter

turtle plate

Turtle Plate (SOLD)

geometric design snack dishes

Geometric Design Snack Dishes

dark teal monstera bowl

Dark Teal Monstera Bowl

large leaf bowl

Large Leaf Bowl (SOLD)

leaf shaped platter

Leaf Shaped Platter 5 (SOLD)

leaf shaped platter

Leaf Shaped Platter 4 [SOLD]

leaf shaped platter

Leaf Shaped Platter 3 (SOLD)

turtle trinket box

Turtle Trinket Box – Brown (SOLD)

leaf shaped platter

Leaf Shaped Platter 2 (SOLD)

turtle trinket box

Turtle Trinket Box – Teal (SOLD)

leaf shaped platter

Leaf Shaped Platter [SOLD]

leaf platter

Leaf Platter [SOLD]

poppy bowl

Poppy Bowl 2 [SOLD]

poppy bowl

Poppy Bowl 1

terracotta turquoise

Ceramic Pot – Terracotta Turquoise [SOLD]

peacock blue brown

Ceramic Bowl – Peacock Blue Brown [SOLD]

Peacock dream

Ceramic Bowl – Peacock Dream [SOLD]

early bird

Framed Ceramic – Early Bird

butterfly garden

Ceramic Bowl and Mug – Butterfly Garden [SOLD]

maitre corbeau

Ceramic Platter & Plate – Maitre Corbeau

white brown blue leaves

Ceramic Bowl – White Brown Blue Leaves [SOLD]

dragonfly lights

Ceramic Candle Platter – Dragonfly Lights

blue spiral rope

Ceramic Bowl – Blue Spiral Rope Design [SOLD]

blue white wedges

Ceramic Plate – Blue White Wedges

sea life

Ceramic Plate – Sea Life

birds at sunset

Ceramic Jug – Birds At Sunset [SOLD]

cornish sunset

Ceramic Jug – Cornish Sunset [SOLD]

blue green flower

Ceramic Plate – Blue Green Flower [SOLD]

blue swirl dots

Ceramic Plate – Blue Swirl Dots [SOLD]

Ceramic Jug – Blue White Stripes [SOLD]

Pink Blue Flower

Ceramic Bowl – Pink Blue Flower [SOLD]

blue wave

Ceramic Plate – Blue Wave [SOLD]

tulip dream

Ceramic Bowl – Tulip Dream [SOLD]

brown dandelion

Ceramic Jug – Brown Dandelion [SOLD]

blue seaside

Ceramic Mug/Jar – Blue Seaside [SOLD]

sunset jungle

Ceramic Bowl – Sunset Jungle [SOLD]

from the earth

Ceramic Bowl – From The Earth [SOLD]

clematis fern

Ceramic Plate – Clematis Fern [SOLD]