Ski Shot Glass Tray


Hand-built from white clay in our studio. Doubles as a tealight centrepiece.

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This Ski themed shot glass tray has been hand-built from white clay in our studio, and decorated with coloured slips and finished with a clear, glossy glaze.

A great table centrepiece that has a dual purpose – of course, you can use it to serve shots to your friends, and it can also be used as a tealight holder with four tealights. Certainly, this ski shot glass tray would be a great gift for a friend who likes après ski.

This shot glass tray (or tealight holder) is 34 x 4.5 cm and about 2.5 cm high.  Be careful not to lift the tray one-handed from the front or back end, as the ceramic is probably not strong enough to stand that. Please carefully use two hands.

This is a unique item – only one is available. It includes the four shot glasses.