GW-SP-0089 – Christmas Bells – 1

Christmas Bells


Hand sculpted from white clay, hand decorated and fired with a clear glossy glaze. Hand-made ringers create a…

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These Christmas Bells have been hand-made from white clay in our studio. Each bell was sculpted by hand and then hand decorated with coloured slips, sgraffito and finally fired with a clear glossy glaze. Not only that, the ringer for each bell was also hand made from white clay, in either a heart shape or a small bead. I put all these together with some stylish recycled string to create a lovely ornament for the Christmas tree. They all create a nice ringing sound, just as charming little bells should.

Each of these Christmas bells are a one-off, unique item, and I’ve personally signed inside each one. In some of the attached photos you can see the bells numbered, so you can select the one you like from the variations. Bells 1 to 8 ,12, 13 and 16 have been sold, still available are 9 to 11 and 14 to 15 and 17.

The maximum dimensions of these bells is approximately 7 cm in height and 5 cm in width.

christmas bells

christmas bells

christmas bells