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Gloria painting the ceramic house sign

Ceramic House Sign

Today, Gloria created a Ceramic House Sign as a birthday gift for a friend. It was a request from her friend who lives in Portugal and Gloria was happy to oblige. She started with six bisque fired white square (6×6 inches) tiles and decorated them with coloured glazes. 

See more of the story in pictures below…

Gloria painting the ceramic house sign

ceramic house sign
Working on the fundamental design now, using coloured glazes…

Ceramic House Sign

ceramic house sign
Getting close to finished now…

Applying a clear top glaze over everything. It looks blue, but it will be clear after firing…

All glazing done and just waiting to dry for a bit…

Two to the ceramic house sign tiles made in onto this shelf of the kiln…

The other four tiles had to be put on two, stacked half-shelves…

So now the kiln is running and the firing is underway. It will be about 36 to 48 hours before we can open it and see how the ceramic house sign has turned out. 

We’ll post an update with the results, which will hopefully be good (fingers crossed!).

The final tiles will have to be packed safely and hand-carried to Portugal for delivery at Gloria’s friend’s birthday party.

If you go online, it looks like everyone makes ceramic house signs. You can order them from all sorts of people (for example, Pottery House Signs) with what appears to be all sorts of quality levels, however, it’s something special for a friend to hand-make a ceramic house sign specially for an occasion. It’s also pretty cool to know that some of Gloria’s work has been requested from yet another country, Portugal, and it’s a real pleasure to be able to do something so personal for such a good friend. We’re very much looking forward to the celebrations!

recent ceramic creations

Recent Ceramic Creations – May 2019

fabricata - standen house

Fabricata – Standen House – 6-15th April 2019

Gloria is exhibiting at Standen House on the 6-15th of April 2019 as part of Fabricata. At this exhibition, she is showing a number of her textile pieces as part of the Fabricata group of artists who are all concentrating on textile pieces.

See the Facebook page of Fabricata at http://www.facebook.com/fabricatatextiles

fabricata - standen house

For more about Standen House, see http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/standen-house-and-garden

Gloria also has a greeting card (see below) based on a textile work of hers that features Standen House. She sold the original piece at a previous exhibition at Standen House with Fabricata.

mothers day tiles and rainbows

Mothers Day Tiles and Rainbows

In our Pottery Studio, Gloria is currently preparing Mothers Day Tiles for a group of children from our local Rainbows (a programme for 5-7 year olds, linked with Girl Guiding). Her plan is to give each child three small tile shaped pieces of clay with two holes at the top of each. The children will then decorate these tiles themselves with the letters “M”, “U” and “M” and, after the tiles are fired, they can be strung on a cord and given to their mothers as a personalised Mother’s Day gift. These Mothers Day Tiles will have a bit of every child in them.

Below are some photos of Gloria do the prep work, rolling out the clay, cutting them to size and ensuring they are in a good state for the children to do their personalised decoration. Lots to do!

To find out more about Rainbows, see http://www.girlguiding.org.uk/what-we-do/rainbows-5-7/


Click on the images below to see them full size.

soper hall christmas fair

Soper Hall Christmas Fair

Gloria will be at the Soper Hall Christmas Fair in Caterham on Saturday the 24th of November. She will have a selection of her creations that you could consider for Christmas gifts or Christmas decorations. It’s a lovely venue and a nice market to drop in to and enjoy the displays and the tea, cake and hog roast.

soper hall christmas fair

soper hall christmas fair

godstone emporium christmas fayre

Godstone Emporium Christmas Fayre