Favourite Pottery Videos

Hear how ceramicist Liz Williams uses the traditional and time-honoured method of coiling

From Well Made

I love hearing Liz talk about her relationship with her creations and what they mean to her. Also, the simplicity and beauty of her bowls is inspiring. – Peter.

Wax Resist Techniques

From Rat City Studios

I never knew there were so many options with wax resist. Some interesting things to try here. – Peter.

Reglazing Pots

By John Britt

John Britt has written some good books on glazing (I’m in the process of reading one now). These tips on reglazing pots sounds easier than other options I’ve heard. I’m going to give this a try next time the need comes up. – Peter.

How to throw a leaf platter

By Bill van Gilder

In this video from 2012, Bill shows how to throw a piece of clay on the wheel and then stretch and distort it into a leaf platter. Interesting techniques. – Peter.

The Perfect Thrown Spout

By Julia Galloway and The Ceramics Art Network

Using a brush stick to get the right shaped spout, and tips on how to stop the spout dripping. Nice. – Peter.

How to Make Vases Using the “Broomstick” Method

By Mitch Lyons

Looks like an interesting technique to try, but I’d still prefer throwing a cylinder on the wheel – Peter.