Since a very young age Brit has been fascinated and skilled with music. She has had many years of training on the piano, and has also become accomplished on the guitar, saxophone, flute, ukulele and more.

Brit has a degree in stage management and has been involved in a number of stage performances, but her love is still, and will always be, music.

Lately, Brit has been turning her hand to meditation and contemplation audio tracks and that’s what you can find on this website. These are good to aid meditation, to be be played while doing yoga or pilates, and as good background music while you unwind stresses from your mind and body.

In December of 2014, Brit was struck down with Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS) and she was temporarily completely paralysed. She was in hospital for three months which was devastating for her love of music. A further two months of rehabilitation were needed before she could walk again and live normally.

This experience has heightened her appreciation of the simple things in life and the importance of appreciating ourselves and everything around us. She has found that she has reconnected with nature and experienced so many things as if for the first time, and this has had a profound effect on the tracks she is producing. It is with this greater self-awareness that she is experimenting with sound.

We hope you enjoy her music.

As this site has just been updated, my pieces will start appearing back here soon. Thanks for your patience.

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