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A Meditation and Contemplation Audio Track

About ‘Winter’

  • Duration: 16 minutes and 47 seconds
  • Format: .mp3 (if you’d like a different format, send me an email via link below)
  • Delivery method: Immediate download

“I like how the harp and piano mix together, letting your mind flow with the melody. Your mind doesn’t have to think at all, just follow the sounds it is hearing. Letting you drift away into a happy and peaceful space.” – Brit Whiting.

Here’s a short sample of the track. Just click the play button below…

Recommended Usage

  • find a quiet, comfortable space
  • sit or lie comfortably
  • quiet your mind and allow mental distractions to leave with ease
  • play the track “Wind” at a relatively low volume
  • allow the sounds to take you to a calm place where you mind is quiet
  • uncover your true self as you become peaceful and calm
  • enjoy the feeling for as long as you can
  • if concerns or worries arise, just let them leave you again peacefully

Also try playing this track while doing yoga or pilates, or while unwinding some stress from you mind and body.

The track is also a soothing background accompaniment to many activities like working in your home office or while doing some arts and crafts.

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