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A Meditation and Contemplation Audio Track

About ‘Horizon’

  • Duration: 18 minutes and 57 seconds
  • Format: mp3 (if you’d like a different format, send me an email via link below)
  • Delivery method: Immediate download


“I like the idea of making a collage of sounds. Different “timbres” – which are essentially textures but for sounds – help you to lose yourself in a bit of chaos. 

Open your mind to the sounds and sample the first 50 seconds of the track here…” – Brit Whiting.


Recommended Usage

  • find a quiet, comfortable space
  • sit or lie comfortably
  • quiet your mind and allow mental distractions to leave with ease
  • play the track “Horizon” at a relatively low volume
  • allow the sounds to take you to a calm place where you mind is quiet
  • uncover your true self as you become peaceful and calm
  • enjoy the feeling for as long as you can
  • if concerns or worries arise, just let them leave you again peacefully


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